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Installation issues


I've tried to install the M2 Social Login but I ran into the following issues:

1. The screenshots samples provided on do not match what I see on (new version with new look and feel?)

It seems that you now need to seperately setup and enable a Facebook Login product. Can you please confirm?

2. When I click on the facebook login button on the test website the popup is too small as the following message is shown: "Your popup is too small to display this page. Please enlarge it to proceed." Can you please advise how I can increase the popup window size?

3. After I increase the popup window manually I see the following warning: "submit for login review some of the permissions below have not been approved for use by Facebook Submit for Review or learn more". I suspect this is because additional data is requested: "Birthday, Place of Birth, Hometown, Website and About Me". I don't think that these fields are all necessary. Please advise how I can control which fields are requested for Facebook login. Alternatively, can you please advise which specific login permissions should be requested for the Review and for which purpose.


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Hey, were you able to solve this issue?

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