We are happy to announce that Magento 2 One Step Checkout by Mageplaza is now fully compatible with Buckaroo payment method.


How to do:

Upload onestepcheckout_index_index.xml (from the attachment) into app/code/TIG/Buckaroo/view/frontend/layout 

We have attached the xml file .

Compatible with theme

Step 1. Open file app/code/Mageplaza/Osc/view/frontend/layout/onestepcheckout_index_index.xml 

Add an attribute in line 37


<attribute name="class" value="checkout-index-index"/>


Step 2. Open file app/code/Mageplaza/Osc/view/frontend/web/js/action/get-payment-information.js

Add the following into line 29:


    window.baseUrl = '<?php /* @escapeNotVerified */ echo $block->getBaseUrl();?>';


Step 3. Open app/code/Mageplaza/Osc/view/frontend/web/js/action/get-payment-information.js:34








That's it.

If you still have the problem with this conflict, please get support.

We are willing to help you to resolve this case, feel free to contact us